Exact print colour from the first to the last sheet

All our printing machines are equipped with modern counters with an integrated spectrophotometric scanner for continuous control of print quality and colour.
We perform regular calibrations and colour certifications on each printing machine so that we can always deliver printing in the highest quality and exactly the required colour.

The high standardization of printing is aided by the addition of a powerful Densitronic S spectrophotometric workstation, which can not only check the printed scales, but also monitor any place on the sheet surface. The operator can thus choose problematic places on the sheet to be monitored, and the counter automatically checks the selected areas of printing, which guarantees the exact required colour of printing during the printing of the entire job.

Another municipality guaranteeing very good colour is the equipment of the printer with a central distribution of high-quality printing inks from Sun Chemical. To achieve colour stability in all conditions, our printing machines have water-tempered inking cylinders, thanks to which standardized printing results and colour design can be achieved even in very hot or cold periods.