Prepress (DTP+CTP) EN

Prepress (“pre-printing”) is a set of activities that precede the actual production / implementation of a print order, from prepress (graphics processing), CTP (exposure of printing plates) to the preparation of materials, etc.

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Bookbinding and bookbinding processing

An integral part of every printing operation should be your own bindery. However, few printing companies are self-sufficient and have their own bindery. The Polygraf printing company has invested in high-quality equipment for its final processing, and thanks to its own bindery, it is not necessary to cooperate with other operations in most of the processed orders. Our own bindery not only saves production time when making an order and allows you to deliver the order earlier, but above all allows us to deliver the product to the customer at a significantly better price than printing companies with the need to cooperate.
With a wide range of bookbinding machines and equipment, we cover not only all the standard need for finishing printed materials, but thanks to other specialized equipment we can offer many special services within our own operation, which most other printing companies need to cooperate.

By the way, we own these selected devices:
Meccanotechnica Universum thread sewing machine – sewing of folders and flat sheets for V4, V8 binding
Duran Omega Allpro 110 automatic box gluer for 4-point gluing
V2 / V4 Binding Line – Wohlenberg Quickbinder
Binding LINE V1 – HOHNER HSB 9000
Folding machine MBO T530 6 + 4 + 1 folds, format B2
Folding machine MBO T530 6 + 1 folds, format B2
Folding machine MBO K8 6 + 3 folds, format B1
MBO K800SKTL folding machine 6 + 3 folds, format B1
Foliant Polux SF760 laminating machine, format B1
WOHLENBERG 132 TS cutting center (Baumann BSB 3L shaker, Baumann BA 3N unloader)
Schneider-Senator E115 cutting center
Schneider-Senator S80 cutting center
WOHLENBERG automatic trimming machine
Heidelberg KAMA-TS74 cutting machine, format B2
Twin wire ring binder
Dürselen paper drill for precise drilling of up to 4 holes at once
2x Creasing / perforating machine PD 70/75
Stack machine S59 Milan 12 towers for stacking up to B4 format