KBA Rapida 74-8 SW 4

Eight-colour B2 format printing machine produced by the German company Koenig & Bauer – KBA Rapida 74-8 SW4. The machine works in either single-sided or double-sided printing. It is a machine printing in the maximum format B2. A wide range of materials from 40 to 500 g / m2 can be printed.

Maximum format: paper 740 x 530 mm, printable area 730 x 520 mm
Number of colours: single-sided printing 8, double-sided printing 4 + 4
Thickness of printed material: 0.03 – 0.4 mm

Top colour registration is guaranteed thanks to the ACR Control camera video system, enabling accurate and fast registration settings. The camera continuously registers any changes in colour registration, which the computer evaluates and automatically performs side, perimeter, and diagonal register corrections for each print unit separately. In a very short time, the register is set for both sides of the print sheet. This, of course, means that orders can be processed more efficiently at lower cost.